Why do you drive an S2000?

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Here comes another new simple question that is sometimes asked when in the company of like-minded friends. XtbateU, one of our newly registered enthusiasts and potential owner of an S2000, has asked the same question to the community. Why do you drive an S2000? Sometimes answering the above leads to a debate, when we show our enthusiasm to our friends OR to owners of a different car. Is it because the S2000 is fun to drive? Is it because its roadster genes give us joy in driving it? Could it be love at first sight? Perhaps performance and handling are good excuses combined with that convertible feeling when driving. What about heritage of Honda racing history and achievements? After all, The S2000 was created to celebrate Honda’s 50th anniversary. Could there be another reason to top that? If so, tell us why you drive an S2000?

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