Pets in the S2000

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Have you ever pondered the pros and cons of pet ownership while daily driving an S2000? Surely the S2000 is not the most convenient vehicle to carry your pets, but how can we ever imagine leaving our cat or dog at home. That is bound to definitely cast a cloud on a sunny top down day, and will have you thinking how much lil Molly would enjoy riding alongside you.

Another constraint to having a pet along is that of comfort. Space is at a premium as also your comfort or lack of it about having your pet leaving behind proof of its joyride on the seats and carpet.

Pet owners like us know how excited some of them can get. A pet carrier can be useful for excitable pets but then it would only work for a smaller cat or dog.

Then there are those of us that let our pets takeover the cabin. In some instances there is no choice and a pet must be transported, but one would hope that the cars get a proper clean-up after that. After all, how comfortable would it be to ride around with dried doggie saliva on your dash.

Dogs and cats aside, what other pets have you seen riding along in the S2000? Goats or an exotic species of Lizard perhaps. Post up and let us know what you think. Should pets ride in the S2000?

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