Best MOTORing Drives the S2000 Somewhere Few Have Seen

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Best MOTORing pushes a JDM-spec S2000 Type S to the limit.

We love us some Best MOTORing. The Japanese video series that throws Japan’s best racing drivers into cars and hits the track. They cover everything from stock cars, to heavily modified cars for their “HOT version” videos.

If you’re wondering what the S2000 Type S is, don’t: it came to the West as the CR. For all intents and purposes, they are the same car. Both the Type S and Club Racer have the same aero package, revised suspension, “AP2V3” wheels and F22C engine.

This video is special because not only do they blast the S2000 Type S around the track, but they do so somewhere special. The Honda Takasu proving ground is likely not a familiar name to most. This is one of Honda’s private testing circuits in Japan, and it’s stunning. As a testing ground, the track has a fine design elements that help it stand out from normal racing circuits. Several areas are designed in such a way to test the full range of a car’s suspension travel. In fact, in fast right hand corner, the car’s suspension reaches maximum suspension stroke in both rebound and compression, twice.

These elements have highlight the distinctions and evolution of the S2000. BM has tested all variants of the S2K and actually has comparison video on hand to show the differences in body motions, driver inputs and cornering speeds. It’s delightfully detailed. Even if you don’t speak Japanese, it’s pretty easy to follow along with the key points. Honda S2000 Type S CR Best MOTORing

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