Honda UK Heritage Garage: the S2000 “Edition 100”

By - Honda S2000 Heritage UK Edition 100

Honda UK showcases special send off model S2000, “Edition 100.”

Most of our audience is somewhere in North America, however, the S2000 was an international car. One of the places where the S2000 was well-received was the UK. Yes, the rainy UK loves their roadsters, and the S2000 they received was ever so different than what we got here in the U.S.

This great video from HondaVideo, Honda UK’s official video channel, showcases a special variant of the S2K that we never got:

I’m guessing you have a few questions, so let’s talk about it.

In the UK, both the AP1 and AP2 S2000 used the F20C, the AP2 never got the F22C. This has to do with regulations on cars, based on engine size, it pays to keep engines 2.0L or smaller.

There was a comment about the specialness of the paint. Apparently the UK never got Grand Prix White except for in very rare cases, such as this Edition 100 car. In contrast, GPW is super common in the ‘States. I spy CR wheels, and the same black badging used for this final edition. The seats are interesting: black and red “split leather” seating was a thing for North American-spec S2000’s, but it did not look like this. Unless I am mistaken, I believe this to be bespoke to this UK special edition car. Did you notice the exhaust note? The UK-spec S2K received a different rear muffler setup than we did. The “UK exhaust mod” can be found on the forums. It sounds better heartier than the stock setup that we got.

So, that is the Edition 100 S2000. Of course, with only 100 of them being made, and only existing in the UK, you’re unlikely to find one. Hopefully this was a cool look into a little corner of the S2000’s history.

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