S2Ki Forum Member Highlight: Project BAEMAXX

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S2Ki.com Honda S2000 Ap1 Forum Member Highlight Project BAEMAXX

S2KI highlights forum member’s build: meet Project BAEMAXX.

S2KI is going to begin showing love to it’s loyal forum members, showcasing builds happening in the forums. However, perhaps a bit ironically, we found this S2KI fan via Instagram. We noticed the license plate and felt compelled to see what was going on with this daily driven AP1.

Let’s talk about the form

S2Ki.com Honda S2000 Ap1 Forum Member Highlight Project BAEMAXX

Let’s start on the outside. This 2001 S2000 has been resprayed in Grand Prix White (GPW). Previously, the car sported a Mugen replica hardtop. However, that has been replaced with an OEM hardtop, painted in black. The LED depo tails are a cool touch, as well, bringing a bit of modern flare to this S2K. An OEM AP2 front bumper conversion rounds off the current aesthetic tweaks to the car.

We have seen this car on a few different sets of wheels, but for these pictures it was sitting on CR Kai-style wheels. Let’s avoid the “CR Lies” jokes, Project BAEMAXX is currently sitting on a set of Advan Model 5’s. Additionally, the owner, Jenica, has a set of BBS LMS waiting in the wings.

Why the wait? To match the custom widebody kit being made for the car, naturally. Jenica gave us a laundry list of mods sitting at her place, waiting to be installed.

The changes continue with the interior. First off, it has the black and red interior, which paired with GPW is a great combo. Those red carpets are super clean. A slightly smaller diameter Personal steering wheel gives this S2000 some much needed breathing room for the driver. Paired with it is a bubble shift knob. All the drifters and JDM fanbois can appreciate this.

Let’s talk about the function

So, that’s the style side of the equation, what’s happening underneath this S2K? It’s a stock motor AP1 that has been through a recent rebuild. An APEX’i N1 single exit exhaust makes sure that the neighbors can hear Jenica coming ahead of time. Being in California, getting hassled by the police for mods is a real issue. For a daily, leaving the engine bay looking stock means not having problems. The car sits on Function and Form coilovers to get the ride height just right.

Jenica was very cool, and we appreciate her taking a few minutes of her time to talk shop about her S2K. If you want to know the full story on her S2000, where the name Project BAEMAXX came from, and what the future holds for her ride, we encourage you to check out her personal blog right here.

Check out the full gallery of Jenica’s ride below [Click on images for full-sized resolution]:

Jake Stumph is the lead Content Editor for S2KI and several other Internet Brands Automotive websites. He enjoys track days, drifting, and autocross, at least, when his cars are running right.

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