The Honda S2000 Tuning Checklist (Video)

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No shots of revving engines, no watching people staring at a dyno, just a man straight-talking his way through the S2000 tuning checklist.

Whether you run NA, turbo or a supercharger you will want to watch this. For some, this will be a refresher. For others, it’s a solid walkthrough for S2000 tuning from Evans Tuning. Starting with a run down from Jeff on the best initial bang for your buck with intake and manifold, then making the most of your ignition system.

The Honda S2000 Tuning all engine dyno.

He also talks about taking steps to make the engine as bullet-proof as possible, which is something too many people miss. After all, tuning an engine that’s not going to last is a waste of tuning.

Jeff also has some great advice about spark plugs, fuel pumps and when and how to upgrade the stock clutch.

We very much appreciate Evans Tuning considered approach to tuning. It’s all about doing it right and making it last. You can find out more about Evans S2000 Tuning here.

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