Who Really Cares Why Doug DeMuro Likes The Honda S2000?

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It’s a sports car from Honda, should anyone really be surprised that it’s great?

We’ll save you a bit of time in case you feel like you’ve seen a bit too much of Doug Demuro on YouTube lately; the S2K is a great sports car. If you own an S2000, you’ll already know everything that Doug mentions about your car in this video. Heck, if you’ve ever been a passenger in an S2000, you’ll already know all of these little factoids. It’s hardly a surprise to anyone that Honda’s greatest sports car (Yes, NSX owners, we’re looking squarely at you) has a fanatical following. It’s rare that any car provides this level of driver feedback and driver-centric experience. We will to continue to cling to it until Honda builds another one.

Yes, it is interesting that all of the controls are focused around the driver. It is as though the S2000 were the driver’s own personal road-going fighter jet. And of course, we know that the gauges on the cluster are all digitally rendered. Don’t worry, we also know that the word ‘electronic’ is not synonymous with the word ‘digital,’ too. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward interior layout for a sports car, so it probably shouldn’t take almost 8 minutes to explain, right?

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When Doug finally does get around to driving the S2000, he only dedicates about two minutes of this video to the experience. This is a very driver-centric car that is described in a very non-driver-centric kind of way. Even during the drive report, Mr. DeMuro spends more time talking about the interior. What little of this report is actually dedicated to the drive, Doug spends bandying cliches around like “zingy,” and “playful” but “slow,” and describes VTEC kicking in as feeling like a turbocharged engine. Call us fanboys, but even after saying how great the car is, Doug Demuro still doesn’t get it.

You tell us, why do you love your S2000?

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