Honda S2000 Accelerates From 0-140+ MPH

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It’s not every day that we witness an S2000 flirt with top-speed, but when we do, it’s exciting as hell.

What’s the top speed of a Honda S2000? Or should we ask, what’s the highest speed you’ve ever experienced at the wheel of your S2K? After all, 237 horsepower is nothing to joke about, and according to our math (and experience), it should be good for approximately 140 mph or so. Give or take a couple depending on weather and road conditions. Honda S2000 Top Speed Run 140 MPH

This video courtesy of AutoTopNL brings us a unique view of an S2000 owner maxing out the speedo. It begins with a POV angle of the driver entering his car, followed by an exterior shot of the Honda getting ready to launch. While the initial footage seems to take place on a closed course (judging by the black and white curves), the launch appears to be on some sort of access road.

After the S2000 launches, the angle switches to the digital speedo and tachometer, where we can see and hear the high-speed run. On the first run, the driver aborts at around 215 km/h, which is approximately 133 mph. On the second run, he’s able to reach the 227 km/h top speed, which amounts to 141 mph or so. While we would’ve appreciated a different angle different from the speedo, we’ll take it.

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