These S2000s Have So Much Poke They Should Be Called Cacti

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Doctor’s orders: Take some overfenders and call us back in the morning.

If you are a fan of the slammed and stretched S2K life, this video is right up your alley. We have 121 seconds of slammed Hondas on aggressive wheel roaming the streets and parking garages of the world. To be completely honest, the cars look pretty damn great. The low body of the S2k looks killer when you drop them tight on some big wheels. It all makes the car look a little longer and more aggressive.

But we cannot abide by that poke.

Wide wheels make for great race cars, but having wheels that stick out farther than your fenders only make for curb rash and snapped control arms. You need a set of overfenders or get a wide body kit on those things. Give your eyes something they can focus on when picking your driving line and gauging clearance on the street. Not to mention that a well-done wide body conversion on an S2000 is about the most menacing thing in this world.

So slam those cars, throw a 10-inch wide wheel on that sexy beast and get some aggressive 200tw tires to really destroy those corners. But please make sure you finish the job and get some extra fender clearance to go with it. Otherwise, just click play and enjoy some sweet Honda roadsters tearing up the streets. Just make sure to turn the volume down a touch, especially if you are using headphones. The audio mix is out of whack and the music is a lot louder than you may expect. Honda S2000 Poke is Life Wheel Fitment Gang Widebody Overfender

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