These S2000s Have So Much Poke They Should Be Called Cacti Honda S2000 Poke is Life Wheel Fitment Gang Widebody Overfender

Doctor’s orders: Take some overfenders and call us back in the morning.

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Forum Member JDM_98R’s Widebody S2000 Build Fufills Our Dreams JDM_98R widebody Honda S2000 turbo S2K build thread forum member JDM_98R has been going all-out on this widebody, boosted S2000, and it may just be the best build we have seen yet.

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Forum Member’s Build Documents His Journey Towards 500 Horsepower Honda S2000 CR Club Racer Turbo Build Forum Member

Some people buy an S2000 CR and keep it 100% bone stock, as an example of the pinnacle of the model. Other people build 500 wheel horsepower monsters.

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This Turbocharged Miata is Proof We Need A New S2000

Flyin Miata Turbo ND Andy

Is a 200 hp roadster by any other name just as sweet to drive? The Honda S2000 is easily one of the greatest roadsters ever made, so why in the hell won’t Honda build us a new one? With the price of good S2Ks closing in on the $30k mark fast, we decided to start […] More »

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