5 Things I Hate About My S2000, As Told by Tj Hunt

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If you’re thinking the lack of cup holders is going to be one of the things on this S2000 hate list, then you’re absolutely correct.

When you own a car for long enough, at some point you’re going to find things that will annoy you. In this case, automotive vlogger Tj Hunt decided to make a video list for his YouTube channel. We’re not so sure about some of his complaints though. Of course, the lack of cup holders is a real one and the S2000 clearly wasn’t built with the passenger in mind. In fact, complaining passengers should be on the list.

Things I hate about my S2000 list.

Hunt’s custom paint job isn’t an S2000 problem, but the passenger seat squeaking is. Often, it’s only rubbing against the rear of the car. The fix for that is to move the seat forward the smallest amount possible or use a piece of cloth between the seat and the “wall”. When it comes to other squeaks and creaks, well, the drop top struggle is real.

As for getting the top down, we don’t think it’s as big of a deal as Hunt makes out. To us, pulling the handbrake up to take the top down is a mild irritation at best. On top of that, the big problem he demonstrates isn’t actually a problem. There’s just a small but vital step he’s missing.  The trick is to push the levers back up without latching them so the roof can move freely.

When it comes to the stereo, replacing one isn’t much different from any other Honda of the same vintage. At this point, upgrading the stereo is well documented enough that it’s hard to take somebody seriously for complaining it’s difficult. Of course, it would be nice if they never stopped working, but the reality is that only the last model year S2000’s aren’t over ten years old now. The other reality is that you have to look hard to find something to hate about them.

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