Flogging Somebody Else’s Leased S2000 CR Is Loads of Fun

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Sure, the Honda S2000 CR is peak of the breed, but it’s even better when it’s not yours.

For most, the Honda S2000 CR is the ultimate iteration of the breed. The limited-edition Club Racer was built to satisfy those who clamored for the old days of sports cars. Namely, the ones you could drive all week and then track on the weekends. A stiffer suspension, stickier tires, less weight, and aggressive aero all helped make that dream a reality. So who the heck wouldn’t want to drive one like it was intended to be driven?

Well, there’s just one problem. S2000 CR examples are getting scarce and valuable. So you might be a little timid when it comes to flogging your own. But Jon Sabo didn’t have to worry about such things. The “Specialty Car Professional” had a client eyeballing his 911. The customer still had some lease payments left on his Honda, yet coveted the Porsche. So he made a trade.

S2000 CR

As Sabo says, this left him with a choice. “We could have just made the rest of the gentleman’s lease payments, turned the car in, moved on. We didn’t want to do that – we wanted to get a little use out of the little Honda. And that we did.”

Oddly enough, a sombrero-wearing gent had a run in with a wall at a track day shortly thereafter. Then it made the long journey to Chicago for a 3-day track event. There the group burned through all the brake pads they had on hand. Which was great fun until a caliper fell off on the drive home. But the Honda had also lost a wing in the process. And it kissed a tire wall with the front fender.

Hilariously, it was then time for the S2000 CR to pass its lease inspection. Thankfully, the inspector was a pretty easygoing guy. And incredibly, the beat up Honda somehow passed. So yes, it’s entirely possible to have fun in a car like this. Especially when it really isn’t yours!

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