Speed Academy Adds Oil Cooling and AP2 ECU Swap to AP1 Track Car

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Downforce, lower oil temperatures and a whole new steering column are installed to make this S2000 track ready.

The guys from Speed Academy are known to get the most out of a car when ever it visits their shop, and this S2000 AP1 is no exception. This S2000 is nearly ready to hit the track, however, so Peter Tarach and Dave Pratte are doing some final things to get it running at its best.

But first, they have to get it running to begin with. Swapping an AP2 ECU isn’t as straight forward as initially thought. Tarach chimes in;” The key, is the key. It has its own chip in it and it needs to match up with the ECU and the immobilizer ring. So we’re going to swap the whole column over.” Fortunately, the column seems to be an easy swap with just a few bolts and simple connections. It’s always good when there’s no mess of wires.

Speed Academy S2000 ECU AP2 AP1 splitter oil cooler

With a running engine, the next project was a new oil cooler. Pratte took over for this one, saying, “generally when you blow up an engine, its advisable to replace your oil cooler. It can get filled with metal debris like bearing material. It’s tough to clean them out properly and they are relatively inexpensive.” New locations for fittings meant new brackets had to be made for the CSF Racing oil cooler and a new location had to be found had to be found as well, but the benefits are worth while.


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Working continuing to work up front, they went for a different form of air flow, but not for cooling. A front splitter had been made for Speed Academy’s S2000 and Pratte got into the details of its custom-made structure. “It’s a high density foam core splitter wrapped in multiple layers of carbon fiber lovingly built to the shape of the S2000’s underside and front bumper,” he says. Now all that’s left is some other minor things and then it’s time to hit the track!

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