21K Mile AP1 Honda S2000 is Minty Fresh Original Beauty

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AP1 Honda S2000

Low-mile Honda S2000 examples have been flooding the market lately. But this one can’t be overlooked.

It sure seems like there’s been a flood of low-mileage, original Honda S2000 examples springing from the woodwork lately. Because, well, there has. Now, people will surely debate whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. But in our book, well-preserved examples of our favorite car are a good thing, especially since they haven’t been produced in years. And this extra minty AP1 Honda S2000 up for grabs at Bring a Trailer is a real flashback to the golden era of the little roadster.

The Berlina Black AP1 shows only 21k miles on the odometer, which undoubtedly helps. But it’s also nice to see that this original example is mod-free, as much as we like our mods. Because if you’re going to keep something like this sealed up as an investment, modding it is detrimental to your car’s value. The only changes to this super clean Honda S2000 are a new top and some fresh tires. The latter of which is always a welcome safety swap.

AP1 Honda S2000

Despite the top replacement, paint depth on this bad boy is solid. According to the seller, that was done due to a small tear in the original. And when you’ve got a Honda S2000 this crazy nice, that sort of niggle is going to drive you nuts.

Interestingly, the current seller is a dealer who also bought this car from another dealer. He added only 50 miles to the car over his time owning it. And all the paperwork, including the CarFax, is every bit as clean as the car itself. So if you’re the type that actually appreciates and loves low-mile original cars, you won’t find many finer examples than this gorgeous AP1. So be sure and check out all the pics and info on this beauty over at BaT!

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