750 WHP Honda S2000 Plays Supercar Seek and Destroy

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Not even a 1,000 hp Corvette Z06 stands a chance against this mental Honda S2000 packing one massive turbo.

The Honda S2000 was, by all accounts, a nice performing little ride for its time. And even today, we still see these things running with some of the best performance machines the world has to offer. But as any S2000 fan already knows, extracting copious amounts of horsepower from the F20C isn’t terribly easy. But if you want to truly run with the big dogs or even embarrass them, extreme measures are necessary. And this particular Honda S2000 is as extreme as they come.

Packing 758 screaming horsepower at the wheels, this little yellow roadster is more than capable of smoking most modern super cars. Exactly how the owner wound up at that incredible number is a mystery. Outside of the massive 6466 turbo lurking under the hood, feeding the engine with 26 psi of boost. But judging by the results of this recent roll race event captured by TalonTSi97 Videos, we have zero reason to doubt that claim.

Honda S2000

That includes, of all things, a C6 Z06 Corvette. Which would be impressive in its own right. But in this case, the ‘Vette pumps out a claimed 1,000 horsepower, making this what we like to call an upset. Of epic proportions. But that wasn’t even the best pass this blazing yellow Honda S2000 made all day. That came against a 300Z, when it reached an epic top speed of 156.79 mph down the short track.

Honda S2000

The only real slip up happened as a result of driver error, when a missed gear led to a slight loss against a Nissan GT-R. Other than that, this killer Honda puts on a show against any and all comers. So the next time somebody tells you the S2000 is slow in a straight line, just point them in this direction!

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