Tsukuba Time Attack Has Honda S2000 Set 57 Second Flying Lap

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Arvou’s S2000 build includes big NA power, lots of tire and lots of aero.

Tsukuba Circuit is the playground for a lot of tuning shops out of Japan, including Arvou motor sports service. Their weapon of choice is an AP1 Honda S2000, and it shouldn’t surprise you that in the pursuit of speed records, there’s almost no stock parts left.

Details of this build claim 320 naturally-aspirated horsepower, and a sequential transmission for lightning quick shifts. Mechanical grip comes from Yokohama Advan A050 tires, sized 295/30-18 front and rear, stuffed under a wide body kit. A number of added aero elements help those tires in the high-speed corners. Up front there is a large splitter, which is combined with canards, and out back a rear wing is coupled with a diffuser. It all pays off with onboard video showing an extremely stable and fast lap around Tsukuba’s 1.2 mile circuit.

Arvou S2000 Tsukuba track day

Arvou has been in a long-standing battle with ASM, another Japanese tuning shop, for N/A S2000 supremacy at this track. In fact we’ve covered ASM’s record-setting run a little while back, as well as ASM’s back to back testing of street and race tires to show just how much of a difference one modification can make.


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For Arvou, their work resulted in a lap of 57.585 seconds, but that’s still just a bit shy of ASM’s 57.051 second run. Something tells us they will be back with an even more dialed-in S2000.

Arvou S2000 Tsukuba track day

However, S2000’s aren’t just setting records just at Tsukuba. Recently the S2000 has been setting RWD records with Gridlife as the series travels to tracks all across America.

Honda’s AP1 platform is now aged more than 15 years, and astonishingly it still represents one of the best rear-wheel drive sports cars you can take on track. Given that tuning shops are still using it and developing parts for the platform also says a lot.

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