Acura Integra Challenges S2000 to Track Day Driver’s Battle

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Youtube channel Driving Line hosts ‘Driver Battle’ series where all that matter is who is fastest around the race track.

When it comes to Honda track day cars, there are two obvious solutions to going fast. If you have the means, buy an S2000. It’s a purpose-built, rear-wheel drive sports car with a high-revving engine and double wishbone suspension. Or, you buy an older front-wheel drive Honda, where the company originally made it’s mark. This less expensive route can be equally quick, so long as you know how to set up a low power, lightweight, front-wheel drive car.

That brings us handily to this Driver Battle video, from the Youtube channel Driving Line. It also brings us to our challengers, who represent that polar opposites approach to speed.

Driving Line Driver Battle Honda S2000 vs. Acura Integra

In the left corner is a DC2 Integra, piloted by owner Meng Tea. His DC2 couldn’t be more simple, featuring a B20B out of a CR-V, and a standard LS 5-speed transmission. Other than some bolt-ons, it’s a stock motor, so it should be making around 150 horsepower and about 140 lb-ft of torque. Beyond that, it has some Function & Form coil-overs, 15-inch Volk TE37 wheels with Nitto NT01 tires and some aero components — both aftermarket and home-made.

In the right corner is Gina Miller with her AP2 S2000. Miller’s AP2 has the stock F22C engine with intake, exhaust and a tune. Tein coil-overs and a set of 17-inch 949 Racing 6UL wheels, also wrapped with NT01s, help Miller’s ride in the grip department. And, like Tea’s DC2, this S2000 utilizes a healthy aero package, complete with splitter, canards, a vented carbon fiber hood, side skirt extensions, low-profile carbon mirrors, a hard top, diffuser and Voltex GT wing.

After breaking down the builds, both Miller and Tea are let loose on Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. They have all day to set the best lap that they can.

The result? Well, we weren’t kidding when we said those older, FWD Hondas can be fast. Meng Tea in his DC2 Integra smoked Gina Miller’s S2000, running a 2:15.0 to her 2:19.4.

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