Honda S2000 Battles Germany’s Finest Sports Car on its Home Turf

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S2000 driver on the Nurburgring pushes it to the limit, even if it means extreme tailgating or spinning out, in pursuit of the perfect hot lap.

This video comes to us from Youtube channel Xav_ S2000, and it is a lot of fun to watch. The driver in question, presumably Xav, is an absolute madman on the race track. Specifically, this French racer is very keen on running the Nurburgring, and shooting for “Bridge-to-Gantry” lap records.

We have talked about this driver before, and his quest to rub a sub-8:00 lap time around the ‘Ring. However, this video is a bit different. Instead of filming hot laps, Xav has thrown together a compilation of exterior video of his S2000 running the Nurburgring. In the process, he does things like tailgate fast BMWs, slide around a Volkswagen Scirocco R, blast down the track at full speed, and even loop the car out, in the process.

So, how does one really ready their S2000 to dominate the ‘Ring? Well, Xav actually joined the forums a while back and gave us a basic build breakdown on his ride. According to Xav, his ride is pretty well modified, with a lot of Mugen goodies involved. Specifically, Mugen front aero, as well as  a header, exhaust and intake help this S2K breathe better. Then an AP Racing BBK helps slow things down, Tein suspension controls the up and down movement of those 17-inch Prodrive racing wheels. The end result is, naturally, very effective.

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