S2Ki Forums: How to Join the S2000 Community and Buy/Sell Today

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Find valuable info., share your build, or peruse thousands of pics in mere minutes using this handy S2Ki guide.

If you’ve spent any time perusing the S2Ki forums, you already know what a tremendous resource it is. There you’ll find thousands of members, many of whom have been here for many years. Not to mention, there are also so many how-to, build, and technical threads that it’s enough to make your head spin, in the best way possible. And we’ve also partnered with a slew of S2000 vendors to give our members unprecedented access and deals with the folks that make top-notch parts for our cars.

One of these vendors, Heeltoe Automotive, recently rejoined the S2Ki forums as MrHeeltoe after a brief hiatus, and the parts seller’s reasoning is a perfect example of why S2Ki is such a great place to be. They sought out the “greener grass” of Facebook and Instagram, but quickly found that it was full of nothing but “cynicism, trend slaves, and an excess of trolls and critics.”


‘We’ve been watching things and get the general feeling that spending time and energy trying to “stand out” on Facebook and Instagram is a fruitless effort…’


“Yeah, forum action probably has slowed, but you know, the grass over there on Facebook, it’s pretty well full of the same dribble that clogged and polluted forums in the past, that made it so easy to leave before,” says Heeltoe Automotive in a recent blog post on the company’s website. “We’ve been watching things and get the general feeling that spending time and energy trying to ‘stand out’ on Facebook and Instagram is a fruitless effort unless you are collecting hordes of referrers and ‘influencers’ to push your name constantly.”

The good news is that they’re back with S2Ki, offering up great group buys and all sorts of awesome promotions like they did before. “We did have some cool group buys, and to this day our Fastline Performance items such as our Locking Top Latch Buttons and Single-Outlet Bumper Caps are good, steady sellers,” Heeltoe Automotive recalls on its blog.

So what’s stopping you from joining the community, too? We get it: There’s so much information spread across the site, the whole thing can feel a bit intimidating. But in reality, it isn’t. It takes only minutes and a few clicks to sign up for the S2Ki forums and create a post. And if you want to buy or sell a car or parts, the Marketplace is an equally easy yet excellent resource. So here’s a quick and easy guide to get you started!

Becoming a Member

S2Ki Forums

The first thing you’ll want to do, if you haven’t already, is become a member here at S2Ki, which is free and easy! From the main page, click on Register in the upper right hand corner. From here, you can choose to create an account using Google+, Facebook, or email. If you choose the latter option, simply fill in your info below and choose a username and password. Click on Complete Registration at the bottom, and you’re all set!


Navigating the Forums

S2Ki Forums

When you first head to the forums, you’ll be greeted by this screen and a whole bunch of stuff to click on. The main navigation bar is in the upper left hand corner, with drop down bars that appear when you position your mouse over them. Go to the Forums link, and you’ll find a series of shortcut links to different parts of the site. Head to Gallery if you want to check out some pics, or Tools if you’re looking to decode a VIN or calculate tire and wheel sizes.

Marketplace is where all of our classifieds listings are, and New Posts will show you only the, you guessed it, newly updated posts since you last visited the site. Or, if you want to jump to threads that contain a specific topic or keyword, just type it into the search box in the upper right hand corner.

S2Ki Forums

If you prefer to browse a specific section, simply scroll down and you’ll find all of our various categories broken down. Be sure and post in the Introduction section once you get signed up, and check out the S2000 Library for loads of technical info. Whether you’re looking for info on a supercharger or even just the Club Racer cars, there’s a section for that, too.


Creating a New Thread

S2Ki Forums

Once you’ve selected the section you want to post a thread in, you’ll see an orange button near the top that says New Thread. Click on this, and you’ll be taken to the screen above. Here you can post an introduction, question, or even start your own build thread. Click on Manage Attachments to add pictures. You can also add tags or icons to your post. Once you’re all set, click on Submit New Thread at the bottom and your post will go live!


Using the S2Ki Marketplace

S2Ki Forums

If you’re looking to buy or sell parts or entire cars, the S2Ki Marketplace is a fantastic resource. Scroll down and you can browse listings by type, or keep scrolling and you’ll see every post in the order they’ve been updated. Click on the item for more info and to contact the seller or prospective buyer. And if you want to be notified any time something new is posted for sale, click on Subscribe and you can get a jump on great deals!


Creating a For Sale or Wanted Ad

S2Ki Forums

Once you’re ready to clean up your garage and make some extra cash (or find that rare part), click on the required template post and gather up all the info you’ll need to provide. Then, click on New Thread at the top. Be sure and provide plenty of great pictures to increase your chances of success!

At first glance, the S2Ki forums can certainly be a bit intimidating, But follow these tips, and you’ll be a pro in no time. And if you have any additional questions, problems, or suggestions, be sure and post them over here!

Find valuable info, share your build, or peruse thousands of pics in mere minutes using this handy S2Ki guide.

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