Virtual S2000 Build Showcases the Next Level of Car Enthusiast

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Can’t afford an S2000 in real life? Well, in the virtual world, anything is possible, as this customized S2000 ‘build’ shows.

Every now and again, forum threads would pop up with titles saying something to the effect of “would my car look good with mod xyz.” Before, this usually resulted in guess work, people telling the original poster to search, or some helpful folks firing up photoshop and trying to ‘shop those sweet Rotas into a picture of the OP’s car.

Things have come a long ways since then, as this YouTube video from user KUZAFX shows. Taking the guess work out of things is the video game Need for Speed Payback, which appears to offer a very in-depth customization platform.

The depth of this customization can shown down to the wheel fit, which features a “stance” sub-screen filled with options to get the car’s fitment just right.

Need for Speed Payback Honda S2000 Virutal Build

Afterwards, a simulated photo studio, complete with neon stage lighting, is used to showcase this S2000 and its extreme digital bodywork. It’s a pretty sweet tool for car enthusiasts who don’t have their ride in their garage waiting for them. Whether it’s the winter weather preventing them from tinkering with their S2K, or maybe the fact that they don’t own one at all, it doesn’t seem to matter now that games like NFS Payback exist.

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