AP1 S2000 Track Build is Wind Tunnel-tested and All Function

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S2000 track car has AP1 chassis, AP2 engine and is one man’s dream car vision come to life.

Have you ever seen a car at the track and wondered what the story behind it was? Well, that’s exactly what happened when YouTube personality Yvette Moreno tracked down S2000 enthusiast Nhan Doan. Fortunately, Doan has quite the story to tell, having owned this AP1 S2000 for over 10 years.

According to Doan, ths AP1 started out bone stock, as a literal grandma car. He found it, test drove with said grandma in the passenger seat, and nearly sent her into cardiac arrest when he hit VTEC and the 9,000 RPM rev limiter. She had never done that in the entire time she had owned the car. He knew it was the perfect base from which to build.

Doan says that the S2000 originally came out when he was in high school, and, as avid street racer, it was the stuff of dreams. Now, as a bonafide adult, with a real job (as an aerospace engineer), Doan was not only able to buy his AP1 S2000, but modify it to his wishes.

The car has a whole lot of Voltex parts thrown at it, with a VIS Racing carbon vented hood. It rolls on Volk CE28N wheels, which, Doan claims, are his street wheels. The specs are 18×10.5 +18 square with 285s. A quick look at his Instagram also shows the car on Volk TE37, Enkei NT03M, a set of Advan GT wheels, and even stock AP1 16s.

Under the hood is an all-motor F22C setup, put together by Ballade Sports. Doan says the original F20C caught fire during a track day. Inside are upgraded cams and a stiffer valvetrain, as well as larger injectors. That F22C breathes through a Original Fab titanium air intake, replete with gold heat wrap. Even the OEM intake manifold has been modified internally for more peak power. Then an Original Fab header-back titanium exhaust sheds weight and improves exhaust flow from a Ballade Sports header.

The transmission is a stock AP1 unit with an upgraded final drive, to improve acceleration.

Honda S2000 Track Build

The upgrades continue inside, where Doan says he was inspired by the NSX-R. So, there’s a bolt-in Cusco roll cage, red Recaro buckets with harnesses, and a Momo steering wheel with the NSX-R horn button. Don’t forget the NSX-R mesh shift boot, for maximum lightness. Doan says it’s the real deal, and that he was able to retrofit it into the S2000.

Future plans include adding additional lightness, via carbon fiber doors, and more power, likely from a supercharger. Sounds good to us.

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