UK & Ireland S2000 Community Discussions related to the S2000, its ownership and enthusiasm for it in the UK and Ireland. Including FAQs, and technical questions.


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Some simple dos, dont's and rules


- Be polite
- No txtspk - it may well be removed without notice
- Please make an effort to post in clear English.
- Check the FAQ or use the search before posting.
- Please check you're posting in the correct forum.
- Have a look at other posts on the first page to make sure you're not reposting.

CLICK THIS--->> Important Posting Guidelines - READ THESE BEFORE COMPLAINING!


- Only Paying Members can post "For Sale, "Want to Buy" or "Group Buy" threads in the For Sale Forum. If these threads are started by Guest members in other forums, they will be removed. Please note that "How much is my XXX worth?", "Where can I buy?", "Should I sell XXX?", "What should I buy next?" or "Should I buy second hand?" threads posted by Guest members in the main forum will be removed. For Sale Rules here -
- Please do no try to circumvent the For Sale Rules, you are short changing the paying members, and Membership is usually cheaper than paying Ebay fees.


Commercial posters must seek moderator permission before posting. Any commercial posts without permission will be removed, until that Commercial poster has permission to post.

Commercial signatures or avatars will be removed.

If you'd like to become a UK Trader, please see the UK Traders Forum.

Here are links to some very useful and important information.
This is to avoid having so many Notes at the top of the forum page.

New Users and New Posters, Introduce Yourselves Here

How to use this site overview and site FAQs

How to use the search function - your first port of call for any questions

Definitive List of S2000's for sale by members here on S2KI

Technical FAQ v2.1 - Details of everything you need to know about the car including Oil grades and Tyre sizes

Tyre Thread - please ask Tyre-related questions here

Will these wheels fit?

Suspension bush FAQ - all you need to know about the infamous suspension bush issue

Dealer satisfaction survey - Find out about your local dealer here

List of Meets & Events and a


Part number diagrams

New S2000 Talk FAQ

Under the Hood FAQ's DIY and Maintenance

The Ultimate CEL Thread

Everything I've learned from, Just the facts, ma'am... just the facts.

S2K Atlanta FAQs

OIL and other fluids - READ before asking!

Alloy Wheel and Roof Refurbishers

Dealer Satisfaction Survey

S2000 Sightings in the UK

Insurance Comparison Thread

Where are you?

Very useful thread containing advice on driving the S in the wet and in winter
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[SIZE="5"]What is the difference between S2KI and S2KUK?[/SIZE]

Membership of these forums (S2K International - S2KI) is separate to membership of the UK S2000 Owners Club (S2KUK).

S2KUK (Club) membership gets you all the UK club related 'offline' benefits, funding and support for meets and events, monthly prize draw, dealer discounts, insurance deals, aftermarket part discounts etc... these are explained on the s2kuk site

S2KUK Membership is available for £17.50 a year running from May to April and there is half year from November to April.

S2KI (Forum) membership gets the additional forum benefits - ability to post in For Sale, more PM space, custom avatar, etc.

S2KI membership is $20 a year and you can buy it by clicking the drop-down box next to your username at the top-right of your screen, and then select "Manage Membership". Direct Link

The 'Guest' or 'Member/Gold Member' Status shown on your profile here on the forum relates to S2KI (Forum) membership, NOT S2KUK (Club membership).

To add the S2KUK logo into your signature:

Insert the following code into your sig (just the text in the box)


We have prepared this brief list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is S2KUK ?
A: The UK S2000 Owners Club (or S2KUK for short) was formed in 2004 as a distinct UK-centred owners club. Whilst much of the club's communication takes place via the UK forum on s2ki, it is a distinct and separate entity aimed at giving an identifiable public face for UK S2000 owners.

S2KUK is not designed to be an "either/or" club competing with s2ki. On the contrary, the intention when it was founded was to create something which was complementary to s2ki and to give a voice to UK S2000 Owners in dealing with Honda, dealers and other third party suppliers. S2KUK is designed to enhance the offline aspects of ownership.

Q: What are the benefits of S2KUK?
A: You can see all the benefits we have negotiated so far on the s2kuk website under the Benefits section. They include discounts from various aftermarket parts suppliers, insurance deal, and discounts of up to 20% on parts and labour with selected Honda dealers for S2KUK club members. Upon payment of your membership fee you will receive a membership card allowing you to claim these offers.

Q: What is s2ki?
A: S2K International (more commonly referred to as s2ki) is a the name (and URL) of this international online website which is owned and administered by Internet Brands, along with voluntary help from other Admins, Moderators and Community Organisers.

The heart of the s2ki website is the forums, including a number of distinct regional and national forums. One of those forums is this, the UK forum.

Q: So, what benefits does membership of s2ki bring?
A: As well as being a concrete way of putting something back into the community in return for the vast amount of knowledge and information on offer from the forums, membership of s2ki has certain benefits over guest accounts.

Basic membership offers the following benefits:
  • access to Members Only sections of the website
  • various forum permissions related to closing your threads or editing your posts, and ability to have a custom avatar
  • larger capacity of private messages
  • a personal Photo Gallery to store and share your digital photographs
  • Less ads on
Gold membership offers enhanced benefits:
  • a larger Photo Gallery with more capacity, 4 gigabytes, and the ability to share your images on the Internet including your eBay auctions, personal web space or other sites beyond
  • special recognition as a Gold Member on the website
  • EVEN less ads on
Q: Do I have to be a member of s2ki to join S2K UK or vice versa?
A: No, the two are entirely separate for membership purposes.

Q: So, do I need to buy memberships for both s2ki and S2K UK in that case?
A: You do not need to become a member of s2ki in order to use the forums - it is perfectly possible to do so by simply registering a forum name and using a guest account. You will not, however, receive all of the benefits which attach to paid membership of the site. Membership of s2ki costs just $20 for basic membership and $50 for gold membership, and has to be renewed annually.

To obtain the benefits of membership of S2KUK (as detailed above and in the Benefits section ), you need to be a paid-up member. It costs £10 to join S2KUK with each year running from 1st May to April 30th. There is also a half year option for people joining part way through the year. See for more details.

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The purpose of this "sticky" for all UK forums, is two-fold.

Firstly, it is to remind you that certain standards are expected. It is perhaps easiest to do so by reference to the Terms of Service which you all agreed to be bound by when you registered to use the forum. You can find these here and the short version of the general rules here.

These provide, amongst other things, that you must not:

"upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libellous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable"

Secondly, henceforth, we shall be introducing a "three strikes" system. If, in the view of the moderating team, you breach the Terms of Service, and in particular the section quoted above, you will receive a formal warning.

If you persist in breaching the terms, you will receive further warnings. After three warnings, your posting privileges will be suspended and you will be unable to access the forums for a specified period of time which will be at the discretion of the moderating team. At the sole discretion of the moderating team, if the circumstances are thought to warrant it, your account will be terminated and any or all current or future use of the site refused.

It is accepted that what is "objectionable" is subjective, however moderators will not be drawn into discussion regarding such warnings; nor are they required to justify whatever course of action might be deemed appropriate.

The aim is to try to make the UK forums as friendly and accessible as possible to all members. To that end, a zero-tolerance policy will be instituted in relation to abusive, harassing or otherwise objectionable posts.

You can help achieve this by:

- Avoiding terse posts directing use of the search facility or reading the FAQ. We were all new once and, however common the enquiry might be, it costs nothing to politely suggest that the question has been asked and answered numerous times in the past, and that a search might give them the information that they are looking for.

- If you are unhappy with the contents of a post, please use the report button to notify the moderating team. One of the team will address it as soon as is possible. It may take a little time to do so, depending on when the report is made.

- Please do not resort to tit for tat abusive posting. If you do, you are likely to be considered to be in breach of the Terms of Service as much as the original offender and therefore subject to the same sanction. Provocation is not a justification.

In short - report, don't retort.

It is not the intention to get rid of the banter and the camaraderie that makes this community what it is. On the contrary, it is the small percentage of posts that detract from that otherwise friendly and helpful sense of community which will not be tolerated.

As a result we hope the forum will be a fun place to be, interesting, friendly, with a community atmosphere.

Please work with us to achieve this.

Commercial posters must seek moderator permission before posting. Any commercial posts without permission will be removed, until that Commercial poster has permission to post.

If you'd like to become a UK Trader, please see the UK Traders Forum

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