2JZ-Powered S2000 Crashes, Comes Back for Round Wins

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After a qualifying bang-up, Drag International patches the S2K back together and send it to the Import vs. Domestic World Cup quarterfinals.

Racing is full of ups and downs, but even a little wall tap can’t keep the dedicated down long. At the Haltech Imports vs. Domestics World Cup Finals on November 2 to 5, the Drag International Honda S2000 came back from a spin and a wall smack to run hard.

Honda S2000 2JZ Swap, Drag International

During Outlaw vs. Extreme qualifying at Maryland International Raceway, driver Larry Ramnath spun the car 360 degrees from the left lane. He nearly drove out of the skid, but the bright-orange S2000 smashed the right-hand wall with a sickening crunch.

Not only was YouTuber NYCE1S on hand to capture it, SpeedVideo also grabbed it from their own livestream (below). It’s a bit rough to watch, really, as the front smashes up in the crash. Remnath emerged unscathed, though obviously upset at the outcome.

If the engine doesn’t sound very Honda to you, you’d be right. This one sports a turbocharged Toyota 2JZ from a last-generation Supra to make huge horsepower. Drag International put it on display at a show they hosted in May 2017. The underhood shots on the DI site look borderline pornographic; that’s one sexy engine bay.

After the crash, the Drag International crew set to work. The Florida-based shop used a pickup truck to straighten the front end again. After that, it was just a matter of some racer’s tape to fix the front end enough to get it down the track.

The S2000 didn’t seem to mind the cosmetic damage much. It went on to run 7.54 seconds in the quarter-mile even with the duct-tape bandages. They went on to qualify for the 32-car field in the #20 spot with a lightning 7.26-second run at 192 miles per hour.

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That still made them underdogs with 19 six-second cars. However, first-round win (on a red light) and a bye got them into the quarterfinals. They lost there, but getting the car down the track was a win for the 2JZ S2000..

[Photo: Drag International]

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