Aston Martin DB4 Is All Honda S2000 Underneath

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Honda S2000

The unholy union of Honda S2000 underpinnings and Aston Martin bodywork strangely works. We bet it’s a lot more fun to drive than the original!

Old exotic cars are red hot these days. But there just simply aren’t enough of them around to meet the demand from collectors. Couple that with the fact that iconic rides like the Aston Martin DB4 are pretty much priceless at this point, and you’ve got a real conundrum. Which is exactly why companies like Aston are building continuation models, essentially brand new versions of their most iconic rides. But these factory-built restomods aren’t exactly cheap themselves. So one enterprising fan decided to build his own, and with Honda S2000 underpinnings, in fact.

We spotted the Aston/Honda hybrid over on eBay, where it’s being advertised for just under 70,000 pounds (around $95k). Which is a heck of a lot cheaper than the real thing (or a continuation), but it’s still a pretty hefty sum for a replica. Not to mention one whose beautiful flanks have been altered to fit it over the updated chassis.

Honda S2000

Regardless, we bet this thing is a total hoot to drive. Because it’s really just a rebodied Honda S2000, and little else. The entire chassis, drivetrain, and even interior were taken from our favorite roadster. Making this a Frankenstein effort of insane proportions. We can’t even imagine the number of man hours went into making that body fit, but we’re betting it’s a lot.

Honda S2000

The end result is pretty cool, however. It may not look quite as good as an original DB5, but it’s pretty close. And we’re guessing it’ll downright lick an old Aston around pretty much any track. With a price less than a tenth of what a new continuation model might cost you, that also surprisingly makes this Honda S2000/Aston Martin mashup a relative bargain!

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