AP2 Honda S2000 Is Stunning, but Is It Worth the Asking Price?

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Honda S2000

Would you pay up to the original MSRP for a stunning, low-mile, low production Honda S2000? 

The Honda S2000 is stuck somewhere in the middle of collector car status. It’s not quite what you’d call cheap, but also not quite what you’d call exorbitantly priced, either. And yet, every so often, we find one that’s seemingly trying to push the price envelope higher. This stunning Laguna Blue Pearl AP2 listed for sale on eBay is such a car. It certainly has plenty of collector appeal, but with an asking price of $34,500, it’s also selling for right around what it did when it was brand new.

If any original/non-modified Honda S2000 is worth that much money, it’s probably this one. For starters, it only has 27k miles on the odometer. It’s essentially in perfect, as-new condition, save for a couple of minor blemishes.

Honda S2000

It’s also the final year of production for the Honda S2000, 2009, a year that saw very few made. The seller claims that number totals 355, but our research indicates just under 800 were sold in the U.S. that year. Either way, it’s by far the rarest model year in the car’s decade in production.

So here we have a car that’s the right color, in the right condition, and one of just a few produced. Of a performance model with a great reputation and a loyal following. So, it should be worth good money, right? Well, not quite.

Honda S2000

We haven’t quite reached the point where Honda S2000 values are taking off. Not yet, anyway. But listings like this one are a pretty good indication that we’ll get there eventually. Thus, it might not be a bad idea to hang on to them. Because one day, it might just be the next hot collectible!

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