Mega S2000 Meetup at Mid-Ohio Documented!

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YouTuber experiences ride of a lifetime in Honda IndyCar, happens upon a S2000 meetup with S2KI members.

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One YouTuber happened upon such a gathering a couple of months ago at Mid-Ohio. TJ Hunt was in town doing some work with Honda Racing, which included a ride of a lifetime with racing legend Mario Andretti.

Before rolling with Andretti, though, Hunt and his friend Calvin took a ride in “Calvin’s mom’s Accord,” which happened to be an Accord pace car, for a hot lap around Mid-Ohio. This was followed by a stop through the S2000 meetup, featuring dozens of everyone’s favorite roadster.

One S2000 in particular caught Hunt’s eye, though. This white example with a red interior was the one Hunt wished he had found for his friend Sabrina, especially because of the red interior. The bronze Mugen wheels are a classy touch, which Hunt says his Mugen-loving friend Mickey would be all over if they were with Hunt.

Hunt was also enamored with this blue S2000, whose color he wasn’t sure was from the factory. It’s Apex Blue Pearl, and it’s one of our favorites. The black and yellow JDM Recaros were also a nice touch, as well as the color-matching aero covering the roll bar.

At last, it was time for Hunt to ride behind Andretti in a special two-seater IndyCar. The plan of attack was to lead the Accord pace car for “almost two laps around the track,” then pull off once Andretti rolled up behind the back of the pack. Not a bad way to end a day surrounded by S2000s and IndyCars.

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