Honda S2000 CR Shoots for Personal Record at Laguna Seca

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It took nothing more than a couple of minor tweaks to smash this Honda S2000 CR driver’s personal best lap.

You can spend all day chasing everybody else on the track. Or trying to beat times set by your most heated rivals. But the real pros compete against themselves, always seeking to shave a ten or two off their personal best lap times. You may never go pro, but slow, measurable improvement is the ticket to long term growth. And in the end, that’s all that matters, right? Plus, that strategy is exactly what we see in this video from DIYGuys in their modded Honda S2000 CR.

The lightly modded Club Racer has a few upgrades. They include Volk CE 28N wheels wrapped in 225F/255R Hankook RS4 tires, an aggressive alignment, and a couple of other things like a Bride Vios 3 seat. Nothing that’ll exactly light the world on fire. But the owner is hoping that it’s enough to get him to a sub-1:50 lap at the legendary Laguna Seca.

Honda S2000 CR

It seems like a reasonable goal, given the fact that his previous personal best lap was an oh-so-close 1:50:03. After installing fresh tires and adjusting the camber, he figures smashing that mark won’t be a problem. With those changes and a little bit of tweaked driving technique, our Honda S2000 CR driver doesn’t just beat his goal. He smashes it with a 1:47:97.

Honda S2000 CR

Despite admitting that his “butt was puckered,” the lap went by with little drama. And with that out of the way, he loosened up a bit and had some fun battling with a Porsche Cayman. Not a bad day at the track, we’d say. And we’re guessing that this latest personal record won’t wind up being his last!

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