Re-imagined Honda S2000 Has Us Mulling the Possibilities

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Honda S2000

Combine modern Acura styling cues with the classic overall shape of the Honda S2000, and you’ve got a winner.

At this point, it seems like all that noise a while back about the rebirth of the Honda S2000 was just that, noise. But even if Honda fails to give us new version of their tidy little roadster, it won’t stop us from dreaming. Opinions on what that revival might look like, of course, vary greatly. But if a “new” Honda S2000 looked anything like Jon Sibal‘s rendering, we’re totally in.

Sibal is an obviously very talented artist who shares his visions via Instagram. There you’ll find everything from vintage race liveried McLarens to a whole lot of widebodied everything. But of course, he caught our attention with this tasty green Honda S2000 redo, which carries a whole lot of modern day Honda/Acura design language.


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Refresh 🔄😜 My slight update on the S2K integrating some current design cues while retaining the original form. 🙌🏽 #Honda #s2000 #s2k #concept #rendering #facelift #jonsibal

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At a glance, there’s no mistaking the overall shape for what it is. But the front end is more Acura NSX than AP1 or AP2, and we’re certainly digging it. It all culminates with a sharp “beak” at the front, like an agile bird of prey just waiting to take flight. The sharp, angular body lines continue down the sides and translate nicely onto a small lip spoiler as well.

Cap it all off with a very cool green hue and some killer five spoke wheels, and you’ve got a winner. It’s a thoroughly modern take on the Honda S2000, and we’re loving every inch of it. Now we just need Honda to take the hint and give us what we’ve been pining for for years now. The return of a purist, reliable, fun little roadster that isn’t built by Mazda!

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