Would You Sell Your S2000 to Build a House?

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Desert Sage Metallic Street Track Honda S2000 Build For Sale S2KI.com

For us, the old joke holds true: you can sleep in your car, but you can’t drive your house.

We love our S2000s, and almost nothing could come between us and our cars. However, life happens, and occasionally responsibilities rear their ugly head, causing us to part ways with our machines.

This gorgeous Honda S2000 we found on in the forums initially drew us in with its gorgeous custom paint job and long mod list. We ended up sticking around to read about the motivations of the seller, Alex.

Desert Sage Metallic Street Track Honda S2000 Build For Sale S2KI.com

In his own words, “I’m selling because I’d like to build a house. I’m 100% certain I’m going to regret selling this. It handles like no other car I’ve driven.”

Alex has lowered the price several times, and at this point, his stunning S2000 is a downright bargain at $16,000. According to the ad, it’s been fastidiously maintained, and the list of modifications is the stuff dreams are made of.

First off, that color: it’s Desert Sage Metallic, a hue from a 2010 Lexus. It looks great here, especially with the Mugen style hard top. The AP2 front bumper and black Enkei RPF1s set this shade off nicely. We also dig the red powdercoated roll bar as an accent.

Falken Azenis wrap those Enkeis, and the fenders have been rolled to prevent rubbing. That’s a good thing, as this S2000 is lowered on Ground Control coilovers, with handling further improved by a Megan Racing front sway bar upgrade.

The interior has been treated to Cobra seats, six point harnesses, and a Momo steering wheel in addition to the aforementioned roll bar. Other modifications include stainless brake lines, a lightweight flywheel, and a header.

Whatever happens to the car, whether Alex keeps it or sells it, we hope that he can build his dream house and that he’s happy in the end.

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