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Tyre Change - All Wobbley!

Old 07-28-2017, 02:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Slowcrash_101 View Post
If by wobble you mean the rear end feels loose then yeah, just gotta break it in. Most tire manufacturers recommend keeping speeds under 70mph for the first couple hundred miles. For the record, I just installed new tires and the rear end feels much more lively than my old worn to almost slicks tires. It's gotten better after 100 or so miles on them, by the time you have to fill up again they should be back to normal.
Absolutely the latter part above.
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Originally Posted by Car Analogy View Post
Make double certain tire pressures are same in back left vs right.

What you are describing sounds to me like way more than tire mold release. Its either tire pressure differences, front vs rear tire differences, or bad tires from the factory.

As in, left tire is not identical in diameter as right tire. That has messed up handling on our cars before with new tires, when they came from different batches or from different factories. Tire Rack has replaced rear tires they have sent to S owners when they were made aware this happened.

Here in the USA, all tires must have stamps to show when and where made. Hopefully Espana tiene lo mismo.

Carefully check both tires, making sure they have same stamps. If necessary, carefully measure tire diameters left vs right. Use a piece of string and carefully mark size, then compare to other side. Make sure to use something that doesn't have any elastic springiness to it.
Yeah PSI's are all good and equal, checked the markings on the side wall to make sure they were all the right size, because at first i thought Jesus these must be 245/60's it was that alarming. Gonna keep an eye on them, working over the weekend so still got another 150kms to put on them, if they still bad i may go to the garage when im off on monday.
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I'm not saying maybe tire size is different side to side, I'm saying tires are dimensionally not identical. Same marked size, but made in different factories, or maybe just different batches, and are very subtly different in diameter.

Something that on any other car would not cause any issue at all, but on our extremely sensitive cars it does.

If further investigation reveals that the wobbly feeling is steer one direction when you abruptly hit the gas, opposite direction when you abruptly let off, this is your issue.
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Well just as an update, i've done 400km (250miles) still no change, had a right moment on the motorway yesterday at maybe only 80mph. It's just that tiny tiny steering input makes it feel like the back is literally going to break loose but then it grips. It's like before it bites it has to wobble.

God knows, im off for the next 2 days, going to take the long way home tonight and also give it a ride out tomorrow (need to find a new CAT) so if its still no change im going back.
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Quite a lot of folk here in the UK have mixed the S001s on the rear with RE002s or RE050s on the front without any particular reported problems, so this is a strange one. The only other similar thing I#ve read was where tyres came from different batches (as alluded to above), so check the dates and places of manufacture.
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So I have a new hunch, i don't think they're 40's. I had a good old butchers at them when I got home and they look as tall if not taller than the fronts, either way visually larger sidewalls than my old RE050s.

Gonna do some crude measuring in the morning.

FYI burnouts are impossible on these new ones.
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You have verified that they are both rotating with the arrow on the side? Directional tread patterns will work in the dry in either direction but may offer different traction under load and the diff could be sensitive to that.
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Different tread patterns and rubber compounds are known to cause this. That's what I mean by these cars like "matching" tires. The RE050 tires are no doubt a much softer/stickier rubber than the S-01s judging by their wear ratings. The rear end could feel "loose."

-- Chuck1
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Maybe your alignment is way off.
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Wobbly huh? So much so that a relative novice feels like that car is unstable?

Sure sounds like you've got some loose lug nuts to me!

All the discussion is correct above, but I don't believe enough to account for the way you are describing your symptoms.

Jack each end up and grab each wheel and see if you can feel it wobble. It should be rock solid. Then, see if any lug nuts are loose. Even if they aren't, unscrew each and retighten.

This is why all big tire places tell you to come back after 50 miles so they can check the lug nuts again. Loose nuts have happened many times.
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