What’s Up in the Forums: S2KI Member with Ticking Engine Needs Your Help!

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A mysterious noise stumps our S2KI faithful. So we’re asking you for help!

The S2000 is, like most Honda vehicles, fairly reliable. But like any machine, it will inevitably encounter problems. Sometimes they’re easy fixes, other times, well not so much. Perhaps the worst sort of problem is one that you can’t pinpoint, however. And that’s the problem that faced S2KI member Daniel.thenewtype recently when his engine began making an ominous ticking noise. So he did the smart thing and headed to the forums for advice.

“One day, after driving my S2000, I noticed a ticking noise coming from the engine. So I went out to take a look. I dropped the oil pan and it was clean, with no shavings. The rods and bearings also looked good. Had my valves adjusted as they were off by a bit, but that wasn’t the issue. Now I’m left wondering what it could be. Had the oil changed and that didn’t do anything. The noise seems to get louder when I rev the motor. I’ve attached video of the car when the motor was warm. Could this be TCT?”

S2KI Engine

A scary situation, indeed. And the responses to this inquiry don’t look too positive, either.

“That TOTALLY sounds like bottom end, bearing, trust, something,” says AP1Chief“But weird you have no metal shavings? Maybe a loose rod bolt? That’s odd. Did you pull the VTEC SEL to check the screen? 

TCT typically is not that loud. But it could definitely be something timing related. Chain/guide/something.”

“I really don’t think this is a TCT noise. But for your sake, I hope it is,” added lookstoomuch.

So far, the OP’s problem is still a mystery. Which is why we’re bringing it to your attention, loyal S2KI reader! Do you have any idea what could be causing the OP’s ticking woes? Head over here and chime in with your expert opinion. Who knows, you might just be the guiding light a fellow S2KI owner needs to get his Honda running right once again!

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