Honda S2000 Enjoys a Little Bit of Wet Road Drifting

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In a world of lap times and dyno figures, sometimes it’s nice to just get out and have some fun in your Honda S2000.

Whether you follow the pros or not, no one can deny that drifting is an insanely fun activity. Getting your car sideways and purposely losing traction is a guaranteed way to make you giggle like a school girl, after all. Even if it isn’t necessarily the fastest way around the track. Throw in some slick conditions, and drifting something like a Honda S2000 becomes even more fun. And a whole lot easier. At least, it sure looks that way in this video from kkkkcircuit.

Watching this silver Honda S2000 slide around wet corners is pretty hilarious, even from our vantage point. And it obviously doesn’t take a whole lot of effort, either. A lot of folks would probably be terrified to try such a thing. But watching this clip only has us outside doing our best interpretation of a rain dance.

Of course, that doesn’t mean this Honda S2000 driver isn’t without his faults. He does lose control and swap ends, but who can blame him? Might as well test the limits of what it’s capable of. And what better way to do that than on a closed track soaked in water?

Other than that, our driver does a pretty good job of wrestling with the wheel and purposely keeping his car on the edge. In a world obsessed with things like lap times and other precise measurements, it’s also rather refreshing. Because very now and then, it’s nice to just get out and have a little adolescent-style fun, don’t you think?

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