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FAQs and other useful info

S2000 Talk Discussions related to the S2000, its ownership and enthusiasm for it.

FAQs and other useful info

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Red face FAQs and other useful info

The 2017 FAQ:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
General Interest FAQs
• S2ki Site FAQ
• Introductions FAQ
• S2000 MY differences
• DIY Maintenance and Technical under the Hood FAQ
• The Ultimate Check Engine Light (CEL) thread
• Oil Journals - fluids for the vehicle
• Technical Service Bulletins for the S2000 - all years

S2000 Talk FAQ
• Various questions and answers posted below

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
S2ki Site FAQ and RULES

Introductions FAQ - New and prospective S owners start here:

S2000 by Model Year - Noting the changes over the years:

• Changes from MY00, 01, 02, 03, including Type V - https://www.s2ki.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=599836
• 2003 to 2004-2005 - https://www.s2ki.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=483593
• 2005 to 2006-2007 - https://www.s2ki.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=538016
• 2007 to 2009, including CR and Type S - https://www.s2ki.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=525439

Under the Hood FAQ

The Ultimate Check Engine Light Thread

TSB Library

The S2000 100,000+ mile club
The S2000 200,000+ mile club
The S2000 300,000+ mile club
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Worldwide S2000 paint colors by year - data added as it comes available - https://www.s2ki.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=739163

S2000 paint color codes

Berlina Black NH-547 (2000-09)

Moon Rock Metallic NH-676M (2000-09)

Chicane/Synchro Silver Metallic NH745M (2008-09)

Synchro Silver Metallic (Same as Chicane) (2008-09)

Silverstone Metaliic NH-630M (2000-2007)

Sebring Silver Metallic NH-552M (2000-2007)

Grand Prix White NH-565 (2000-09)

Platinum White NH609P (2008-09)

New Formula Red/ Ascari Red R-510 (2000-09)

Monza Read Pearl R-508P (2000-09)

Deep Burgundy Metallic (Midnight Purple Metallic) YR-564M (2006-08)

Premium Sunset Mauve Pearl RP42P (2008-09)

Apex Blue B554P (2008-09)

Laguna/ Bermuda Blue Pearl B-545P (2006-09)

Monte Carlo Blue Pearl B-66P (2000-05)

Royal Navy Blue Pearl B-523P (2000-09)

Suzuka/ Nurbergring Blue Metallic B-513M (2000-2008)

New Imola Orange Pearl YR-536P (2000-09)

Rio/ New Indy Yellow Pearl Y-65P (2004-09)

Spa/ Indy Yellow Pearl Y-52P (2000-2003)

Lime Green Metallic GY-19M (2000-05)

- Note the front and rear bumper "black" details (faux ducts, grill) are NH-533
- If your code ends with a "P" then it is a "Pearl" finish; "M" is a "Metallic" finish, otherwise its a "Clear" finish.
- Some countries have chosen to rename their colors for specific reasons, for example Chicane and Synchro, or Rio and Indy, but these new names are not the manufacturer's names.
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-courtesy of S2000GT-

Please put a DESCRIPTIVE title in the subject line

Posting a topic with the title "HELP" or "QUESTION" or "HOW MUCH?"
serves absolutely no purpose on this forum and it makes searching useless

People in general do not read EVERY thread that is posted - thread reading is a selective process and many people dont have the time to click on your thread only to find out it is something they have no interest in or cannot help you in any way

Imagine you were selling your thread to the public like an item on ebay....would you call the auction "something for sale????"

You will increase your exposure and chances of getting your questions answered if you are a little more precise in your posting - it really doesnt take a lot of effort.

The mods of this forum would rather spend more time organizing threads and keeping the trolls out than editing peoples topic titles because they are too lazy to post correctly in the beginning.

Please don't be surprised when you see your thread closed if you don't follow these simple guidelines.
Thanks to S2000GT for writing this and thank you for reading it.
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
S2000 Talk FAQ

Is this S2000 worth it?
Looking at a specific S2000 for sale, but don't know if it's worth it? Post details and get opinions from others here.

What is my S2000 worth?
Thinking of selling your S2000, but don't know how much to ask for it? Get opinions from others here. (not a place for FS ads!)

S2000 crash and accident thread

Soft top wear/ holes threads - the S2000 top is a defective design

Replacing a top with a Robbins top

What kind of light bulb do I need...

How many S2000s have been sold? Where are they?

How do you disengage the airbag on an S2000 (pre2006+)

Where do I get my radio code? (I lost the radio code card)

How do I program the key remotes for my S?

Spring Spacers - what are they, do I havethem?

How to properly shift your S2000

"Everything I've learned from S2ki.com"

How are S2000s different by market/ geography?

How do I jack my S2000, and get it on jack stands?


The jack points for an S2000:

The front jack point - between 17 and 23 in the picture.

Seat locks


What is an AP1? An AP2?
• APx is Honda's S2000 chassis definition. Original S2000s made from 2000 to 2003 are AP1 chassis, while S2000s made from 2004 on are all AP2 chassis. The differences are significant and can be found in the model year FAQ (see link above).

It is important to note that in 2004, North American S2000s got a revised engine as well as chassis, commonly known as the AP2 engine (F22C) - this is the 2.2L stroked engine. Europe and Asia continued to get the 2.0L engine (F20C) in 2004 but in the updated AP2 chassis. Japan got the stroked 2.2L engine starting in 2006, but Europe never got the 2.2L engine.

There is some confusion around the naming conventions of S2000s in Europe between AP1 and AP2 since they all have the F20 engine. Honda never officially released the AP2 chassis in Europe, some say it was a move to avoid regulation certification costs.

Which is faster?
Dynos show the AP2 has slightly more power (~20 hp) and more power available below VTEC (~20 hp) and is faster, but due to the need to shift to 3rd on 0-60 runs, the 0-60 times are identical between AP1s and AP2s. Track testing has shown the AP2 chassis and F22C engine are evolutionary improvements, as each two years or so, the S2000's performance improved slightly (00-01, 02-03, 04-05, 06-07, 08-09).

When does VTEC engage?
VTEC requires oil pressure and ECU logic to engage and seems to engage anywhere from 5700-6200 rpm on all S2000. VTEC disengages at a lower rpm based on ECU logic as well.

What are the actual redlines for the two engines?
F20C engines have a redline at 9,000, fuel cutoff at 9,150 rpm.
F22C engines have a redline at 8,200, fuel cutoff at 8,350 rpm.

Do AP2 wheels fit on an AP1?
• Yes, the have the same patterns and clearances.

What are S2000 production numbers?
• Honda does not separate sales by color, however:

Calendar Year -- U.S. --------- Europe -------- Japan ---------- Canada ------ Australia
Calendar Year U.S. ----- U.K. & Europe -- Japan -- Canada -- Australia -- MidEast/Africa
1999 3,400 1,179 7,209 332 596
2000 6,797 3,955 3,422 412 521
2001 9,682 2,197 1,913 401 308
2002 9,684 2,537 1,471 336 164
2003 7,888 2,095 961 238 79
2004 7,320 2,036 1,087 250 39
2005 7,780 1,795 981 212 40
2006 6,271 1,474 1,225 146 30
2007 4,302 1,116 997 123 26 126
2008 2,538 706 1228 65 15 82
2009 795 580 1,122 49
2010 84 20 40 18

(from Wikipedia sources)

We have a general count on USA S2000s here that include break down by year, color, interior, and trim - https://www.s2ki.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=729838

We also have an older color poll here at S2ki for keeping a loose track of colors world wide - https://www.s2ki.com/forums/index.ph...ic=568988&st=0

My AP2 (2004+) S2000 feels like it has a slipping clutch on hard shifts. Why is that?
• When Honda revised the S2000 for 2004, it put in a heavier flywheel (22 lbs vs 14 lbs) but did not beef up the pressure plate to compensate for the greater rotational inertia. To compensate, either shift slower or install a firmer pressure plate oe lighter flywheel. People recommend the ACT pp or AP1 flywheels. Note you will only feel slip on a redline shift from 1-2 or 2-3 and if you shift slower you will not experience any slip even on a fast shift.

Read all about it here: https://www.s2ki.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=417350

How do I check my oil?
• When the car is parked on a level surface:

1a - Cold check - pull the dipstick while the engine is cold.
1b - Hot check - pull the dipstick after the engine has been running at normal temp for at least 20 minutes. Let the engine sit for a few minutes so oil re-enters the pan.

2 - Once you pull the dipstick, wipe it clean and reinsert all the way so the dipstick reseals, then pull it back out

3 - Look at both sides of the dipstick, and take a reading off the lowest side. As long as oil is above the MIN level, you are okay. You can refill oil so its between MIN and MAX, but try and keep oil levels between these two, not at either extreme - you don't want to overfill your oil. From MIN to MAX, there is a 1 quart difference.

How do I reset my ECU?

1. Remove the third fuse down from the second column (No. 25 Backup 7.5 A Fuse) from the fuse box under the driver's side dash (left-hand drive models)
2. Wait for 60 secs and replace the fuse (make sure to note the orientation)
3. Turn on the car (with all electrical items turned off & throttle fully closed) and let it idle for 5-6mins (Idle learn process)

What's the difference between the Maint'd Req'd Light and the Check Engine Light?

Maintenance required light- This light is indicates 6,000 miles have accumulated on the odometer since it was last reset. The indicator blinks at 6K and will illuminate continuously after 7.5K.....indicating you should get the oil changed. If you self serve, reset the indicator as follows https://www.s2ki.com/forums/index.php?act=S...0#entry12038951

Check Engine Light- This light relates to the ECU on the car. If it stays on it indicates your OBD-II computer has picked up a problem with the car. It can range anything from a loose gas cap to a major problem about to occur. If this light flashes......STOP the car and get assistance. A flashing light indicates a serious prblem.

How can I turn the AC off when using Defrost? (2002+)
• First, we should take a look at the reasoning behind this... The process of air conditioning removes moisture from the air. This dry air works better for removing fog from the windows. To assist with defrosting, Honda has "programmed" the HVAC system to engage the A/C whenever the defroster is turned on. The trouble is, you cannot turn it off.

To deactivate automatic a/c feature on a 2002+ S2000:

1) Turn the ignition switch "on," but dont start the car.
2) Turn fan speed off.
3) Turn temperature knob all the way to the left (blue area).
4) Turn vent knob to all the way to the left (panel position).
5) Turn the ignitions switch "off."
6) Hold down both air recirculation button and a/c button while turning the ignition switch "on." Nothing lights up initially, keep waiting. The orange air recirculation indicator on the button will start flashing.
7) Continue holding both buttons until the orange air recirculation indicator stops flashing, then let go.

To reactivate automatic a/c feature:

1) Turn vehicle off.
2) Turn fan knob off.
3) Turn temperature knob all the way to the left (blue area).
4) Turn vent knob all the way to the right (defrost position).
5) Hold down both air recirculation button and a/c button while starting car.
6) Continue holding for 7 seconds until air recirculation button stops flashing.
7) After the 7 seconds described in step 6, the recirculation button will start to flash. Continue to hold the button for another 7 seconds. After this, the a/c light will turn to green and it's finished!

How do I open the secret compartment?
1. Open the center glove box (the latch is by your shoulder)
2. Pull the top of the center console where the latch is up

How do I read my S2000's VIN? (courtesy of HiPER)
The VIN for our car and any car after 1981 is a 17 character code. For the S2000:

1. J (manufactured, Japan)
2. H (manufacturer, Honda)
3. M (passenger car, made in Japan)
4-6. AP1/AP2 (chassis)
7. 1 (coupe+manual transmission)
8. 4 (grade)
9. Check digit (this is a random number - search VIN on Wikipeia to figure this one out)
10. Y, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (model year, y=2000, 1=2001, etc)
11. T, S (manufacturing plant, T=Tochigi, S=Suzuka)
12-17. Production Number
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