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Does anyone know what this can be?

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Does anyone know what this can be?

Old 10-01-2017, 12:24 PM
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Default Does anyone know what this can be?

Hello everyone,
Just a heads up I am new to the world of posting to forums so I apologize in advance if my post is posted in the wrong section, not in the correct format, etc.

I have a daily driven 2001 S2000 with 104,000 miles on it that I purchased with 97,000 miles.

The Problem
The other day I drove my car perfectly fine to a destination approximately 30 minutes from my house. When I took off again to head back home I was able to drive for about a mile normally when I noticed that it was really hard to put the car into gear. I had to be in the perfect RPM for it to slip in. It was almost as if my synchros magically disappeared. Since I was so far from home and I didn't want to risk having to pay for a tow, I decided to throw it into 6th and cruise home on the highway. While cruising, I would put the clutch in to test, the revs would die normally, let the clutch out, it would grab normally. I would floor it in 6th going around 60-65mph, and the clutch would not slip; it would act as it is supposed to.
Now, here is the part that I found a bit puzzling: after getting off on my exit I pulled over and went to check my clutch fluid and to see if I saw any leaks under the car (everything fine). After I turn the car back and continue driving, I am once again able to shift normally for about a mile before the problem once again comes up when I try to shift. While stationary, I am able to throw the shift knob into any gear without hesitation, the problems comes once the revs begin to rise.

My Ideas
My first idea was that it had something to do with the transmission fluid -> but when I got the car I did an engine and transmission oil change (Honda transmission oil).
My next idea was that maybe I needed a new clutch -> but I never noticed the clutch slipping and I did the test where you throw the car in fourth to see if it'll take off, and it stalls without any clutch slippage.
Right now, my guess is that I have a bad throw-out bearing. I have been noticing a rattling sound coming from under my car for a while, but I figured it was some kind of catalytic converter or muffler guard rattling so I did not pay it much mind.

Plan of Action
I wanted to do a diagnosis at Honda for this issue, but since my car isn't throwing a code, they'll have to test drive it to see what's wrong. I feel that $120 for someone to drive my car around is a bit extra when I can just describe what goes wrong and use that money towards the actual labor. If you guys agree that this is likely the throw-out bearing, I figured, I'd buy a new clutch kit (which I believe comes with a new throw-out bearing), and have a reputable transmission shop put in the new clutch kit.

With my description does anyone have an idea what this might be?
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Old 10-01-2017, 02:10 PM
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Nomenclature is important here. Honda transmission fluid or Honda Manual Transmission fluid?

-- Chuck
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Old 10-01-2017, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Chuck S View Post
Nomenclature is important here. Honda transmission fluid or Honda Manual Transmission fluid?

-- Chuck
Haha Honda Manual transmission fluid of course. It has been driven for around 4,000 miles with this new fluid in.
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If you bring it to Honda, they will tell you tje transmission is shot. Its not. If you're lucky they may say it just needs a clutch. Maybe it does, but there are several almost free things to rule out first.

If you have a shop change the clutch, they won't lube the splines, even if you tell tjem to. Even if you bring them the grease to do it. If its not lubed, it'll probably shift ok at first, but soon it wipl shift worse than it does now. If the shop does libe the splines, they'll use the wrong grease, and clutch will soon shift worse than it does now.

Your problem is the clutch os dragging. Its also somewhat intermittent, which is not unusual. The things to try first are:

Adjust clutch rod at pedal. All you need is a 12 mm opwn end wrench, and the youtube video instructions.

Gravity bleed clutch fluid, making sure all the old fluid is swapped out in the process. Future, swap clutch mc with turkey baster at every oil change.

Worst case your clutch has broken a spring, and sometimes its poking out and causing clutch drag, other times it works free and causes much less drag. This is very common with early ap1 clutch or virtually any aftermarket exedy oem style clutch.
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