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Forum Member’s Build Documents His Journey Towards 500 Horsepower Honda S2000 CR Club Racer Turbo Build Forum Member

Some people buy an S2000 CR and keep it 100% bone stock, as an example of the pinnacle of the model. Other people build 500 wheel horsepower monsters.

  Comments | By - November 23, 2017

Honda S2000 Laps Greece’s Serres Racing Circuit

The Serres Racing Circuit is one of only two racing road courses in the country of Greece, and a perfect fit for an agile S2000.

  Comments | By - November 21, 2017

Behold the World’s Fastest & Baddest Honda S2000! Honda S2000 Drag Race

With 1,500 horsepower and rubber for days, this outrageous S2000 can reach over 200 mph in just a quarter-mile!

  Comments | By - November 20, 2017

Perform the Ultimate Swap With This Honda V10 F1 Engine! Mugen-Honda V10 F1 Formula One engine swap for sale

An Odyssey, a Fit, a Civic, an Accord, and of course – an S2000 could be the lucky recipient of a freaking Honda F1 engine!

  Comments | By - October 26, 2017

Naturally Aspirated Honda S2000 Lap Record at Streets of Willow (Video) Honda S2000 NA SOW Streets of Willow Springs Lap Record Matt Rojana

Matt Rojana drives his S2000 with the utmost finesse around the iconic Californian race track on his way to serious bragging rights.

  Comments | By - October 25, 2017

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